tinture senza ammoniaca
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Tinture Senza Ammoniaca :

Most of the hair dyes on the market contain ammonia. This toxic substance causes your hair to become defaced and thus allows color pigments to adhere better. It is a substance that, if used often, even by the hairdresser, spoils the hair making it thin and weak. Almost all hairdressing shops, dye is carried out using ammonia to increase the duration of color but inevitably, after a couple of washes, our hair becomes frispo and intractable. On the market there are several brands that produce dyes without ammonia. What specifically do ammonia-free dings contain? To ensure that the pigment of the color attaches to the hair, natural products (mostly vegetable oils or butters) are used in the controls in ammonia-free dyes instead of the chemical compound of the hairdresser. The differences between a tincture containing ammonia and those without, are many: the colors without ammonia, precisely because of their natural and non-chemical components, do not allow the color to remain the same number of days as a tint with ammonia, but in compensation the hair will not get stressed and will ruin. To get started, you need to get an ammonia-free tint, usually sold in all hairdressing shops but also in different supermarkets.

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